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Plant Pledge

For all of our clients and those thinking of joining our agency, we wanted to let you know about the positive changes we have made, specifically for the environment and to tackle climate control.

We have partnered with MoreTrees, a tree-planting organisation dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving CO2 worldwide. What makes them different is they plant trees where they are most needed based on CO2 levels. We believe this is essential as climate control is a global issue, not just national.

So, how are we getting involved? We plant one tree on behalf of every client for every month they remain with us. We’ll also plant one for every birthday, Christmas, Earth Day and for every review we receive – at least of 16 trees per client, per annum.

Our Plant Pledge joins our Green Web Hosting Commitment To Sustainability, which includes using green servers and renewable energy credits to offset our carbon footprint by 100%.

We are genuinely excited by this campaign and our clients’ continued support of our growing agency. We hope our client relationships (new and old) continues to grow alongside our trees.

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