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How COVID-19 and Remote Work Will Change Tech Salaries

Remote work is not an unfamiliar idea, but its adoption rate during the COVID-19 crisis was a sudden change that affected workers across the world. Technology has slowly been preparing us for a virtual workspace. Gone are the days of in and outboxes. When was the last time you received a paper memo? Showing up to meetings in person is optional, for the most part. As work slowly transitions to its pre-Covid days, not all tech workers will be returning to the office. They may not even be in the state as their employer!

Even those who didn’t move away may work remotely to skip the commute; especially in California, where it seems there is always traffic. Remote work has its challenges. Meetings seem to run back to back, with no bathroom breaks in between. Countless meetings where the audio, video, or presentation has some sort of glitch. We all feel like the “can you hear me now” guy when connecting our headphones. As we consider working remotely full-time, we have to wonder if it will affect our salary.

Like web developers, most tech jobs are fully equipped to do their work at home, or anywhere else. They can access the proper programs to access and alter the code to complete their position requirements without being in the office.

Tech salaries will still be high

Tech workers will still be some of the higher paid professionals. Their work is necessary to conduct business in the 21st century. Hospitals, schools, and truckers rely on technology for some part of their job. As we incorporate technology into more aspects of our profession, we need more employees monitoring, fixing, and developing code to ensure others can complete their work.

Tech jobs don’t only pay well because they are in the Bay Area. Tech jobs are growing worldwide, and more cities are becoming mini hubs of innovations as more entrepreneurs opt to stay in their hometowns when creating industry defying apps. 

One growing hotspot is Los Angeles. This city is a destination for both wannabe actors and those with the desire to get tech jobs. Attending a Los Angeles coding bootcamp can help you get the skills to get a high paying desk job while you are waiting to get called back for your auditions. Through this bootcamp, you can learn remotely and land a remote job to avoid the insane traffic.

Tech jobs won’t go away

Tech jobs are here to stay; there might still be a stationary store in your town, but no one gives up their desktop for a typewriter. Entrepreneurs are going to keep innovating, resulting in the demand for coders to perfect their products. 

College dropouts aren’t the only ones working on innovation; so are cybercriminals. Constantly trying to one-up each other, hackers and cybersecurity experts are in a constant battle to best the other. Hackers only need to be right once to gain access to sensitive data; this makes the work of a cybersecurity expert a grueling but challenging task to keep hackers out of a companies’ servers.

There is a tech job for you

If you don’t have any tech skills and are past your college-going years, it is not too late to switch careers and land one of these high paying tech jobs yourself. Depending on your interests, there are many different computer science career paths from which to choose. There are also multiple ways to learn these skills, even at your own pace.

The quickest way to transition to a tech job is through bootcamps. Bootcamps teach skills, not history. They quickly get you learning, and more importantly, applying tech skills to build a portfolio of work to get you hired. A bootcamp to consider is Coding Dojo. With over a thousand graduates and great reviews, Coding Dojo teaches its students the ins and outs of web development. The classes can be online or in-person. They also offer self-paced learning for those who wish to go at their own speed.

The revolution of applying technology to age-old industries will continue for many years to come. Companies are going to want top talent and are going to have to pay for it. When companies like Google offer unlimited PTO, free meals, and massage chairs, other companies will attempt to lure talented individuals away with perks like working from home and high salaries. Don’t let current circumstances get in your way of getting your next, or first, high paying tech job.

Final thoughts

We believe that not only will the tech industry and similar industries (like the space we work in) will continue to grow, but also remote working will be more desirable. 2021 has been an exceptionally good year for Beyond Co. with exciting new clients and projects, and no sign of slowing down. That’s why we’re committed to making several new hires, allowing us to expand our services and commitments. Our entire team also have the option to work fully remote. Think you’d be a good fit? Find out more about our careers.

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