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Being Secure Online With SSL Certificates

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) plays a crucial role in the security of a website. The purpose of SSL certification is to ensure safety and protect the sensitive information of users. No matter whether you have an eCommerce website, business website, personal website, or even a blog, SSL is always recommended.

A website with proper SSL certification installation will have a small green padlock icon displayed on the left of the site’s URL. This padlock is a sign of security.

To help you better understand about SSL, here’s the importance of having an SSL certification.

1. Protects data

The first obvious reason for getting an SSL certificate for your website is the security and protection of the data. By installing the SSL certificate, the information of your website visitors will be encrypted. If your website deals with credential information such as IDs, passwords, debit and card numbers, etc. SSL becomes even more vitally important.

2. Improve customer trust

By installing an SSL certificate on your website, you can also improve your website visitors by increasing customers’ trust. On the left side of the browser bar, right next to a website URL, visitors can easily see whether your website is secured or not. The easiest way to identify this is the small green padlock, showing that the site is secure, however, some browsers won’t display this, so it’s always best to check the original source. In most cases, when a site isn’t secure, your browser will show a red X mark, a warning/danger symbol or ‘Not Secure’ in the same place – this is what you, as a website owner, should avoid at all cost.

3. Better search engine ranking

In 2014, Google introduced a major search engine algorithm change. This algorithmic change was regarding sites’ SSL certifications. After this update, Google has started prioritising websites (including blogs) that have an SSL certificate installed. One of the SEO experts, Brian Dean, conducted a study to figure out whether it is really a ranking factor. In his research, he found an SSL certificate has a significant effect on search engine rankings.

4. SSL affirms your identity

Another critical task of SSL is to provide authentication to your website. To ensure online security, identity verification is very important. Although the numbers continue to decrease, fraud via fake websites still happens today. SSL certificates play an important role in users’ security. Even when installing an SSL certificate, you have to go through a validation process by an independent third party, Certificate Authority (CA). After you get your business’ identity verified, it will immediately invoke the trust of your website visitors.

5. To satisfy PCI/DSS requirements

If you have an eCommerce website or any other site where you receive online payment from your customers, it is imperative to meet industry requirements. In short, if you want to accept payments online, you have to satisfy the PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards.

Final thoughts

These are the five big reasons why your site needs to have an SSL certificate installed. Through SSL, you can protect your users’ data and improve their trust. Due to security concerns, people are very likely to bounce back from a website that doesn’t have SSL installed. Even if you are a blogger or don’t receive online payments through your website, SSL still plays an important part.

We offer a range of SSL and security services here at Beyond Co., starting as low as £2.50 a month, standalone or currently free within our monthly hosting and maintenance packages. Contact us to find out more.

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